Tracklist :

  1. Childhood-The Cradle Of Loneliness (Introduction)
  2. World Wants To Make you Weak
  3. Mindustrial Strength
  4. Tadibya (Muad'Dib & Sihaya)
  5. The Awakening (Delusion)
  6. Aqua-Nightmare
  7. Revenge (With Kapt'n Flow)
  8. Insomnia (Paranoïa)
  9. Your Gift Is Fear, Mine Is Hatred (Ft. Crash Of Decay)
  10. Sex is A Battlefield
  11. Louder, Deeper, Stronger (Flesh Eater)
  12. Gnaw
  13. Reload (Overkill)
  14. ...Il n'est Beau que parce qu'il est affreux...
  15. Fallen Hero
  16. Body Leaving (Scratch By Punk Of THAFS)

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